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Currently in development.

COME HOME is an experimental point-and-click game that I started as a self-directed project in my last year of school at Sheridan College. This game offers the player a chance to embark upon an introspective journey: through the process of navigating and exploring a dilapidated house, they are gently prompted to reconsider the way they think about healing and mental illness.


The game itself plays at times as a graphic novel, at times as one driven by task completion and discovery, ultimately providing the player with a number of opportunities for reflection whilst exploring their environment.


The player comes upon a house they are told is theirs - a place they have not visited in a long time. The house itself is clearly falling apart, and overgrown with strange organic matter (a direct visual link to the way negative preoccupations can easily dominate our headspaces and render us non-functioning). As the player explores the house, they are prompted to complete a variety of tasks all motivated by acts of care and healing: clearing away debris, fixing a meal, confronting uncomfortable thoughts and reorganizing them, collecting kind acknowledgements they may no longer be familiar with, and so on. This is all in an effort to provide the player with a window of time within which they may look inward. The game itself is more focused on providing an experience, a collection of moments, rather than a completion-driven storyline.