illustration - comics - emotional overindulgence

Kira Buro is an unidentified feeling object currently making things in and around Vancouver, BC. you can find them elsewhere on instagram and twitter, or stretching by the shore of the ocean most days and nights.

open to collaboration and freelance work -
feel free to reach out anytime thru kira.buro@gmail.com. <3 <3 <3


Personal projects:

though much of my work is compulsive and has a tendency to spiral off in whatever direction the work itself chooses (notice how I am avoiding taking responsibility for this), occasionally I am able to wrangle that and focus on a larger body of work.

Cry Diary (one-panel retrospectives)
Come Home (game development)
Without You I Am Nothing (an illustrated anthology of writing)
Monochromatic Thought Pattern (black and white exploration)
They Tell Me There are Times (illustrated poetry)
Love Letters to the Improbable (illustrated letters)



Honors Bachelor of Illustration at Sheridan College (2019)
California Arts Scholar at CSSSA, CalArts (2014)


Sheridan College 3rd Year Illustrative Painting Spring Exhibition
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto (2018)

Cafe Mosaics Reopening Exhibition
Cafe Mosaics, Edmonton (2015)


Second Place in Independent Films
ASIFA East, New York City (2019)


Wares (2019)
Left At London (2019)
Birgit Rathsmann (2018)
Colin Carbonera (2016)